Desert archeologies - photographic work  
Thierry Urbain's photographs are focused on architecture, archaeology and landscape. They never show a present which spreads out nor a past filled with exoticism but offers archetypes that the spectator will be able to invest according to his own desires.

The simple and archetypal forms allow us to rebuild time and space in the dimensions of our imagination, to superpose to the photographic reality the equivalence of an inner map. Architecture is not the object of a study, but it brings to light through space the lines and geometry.
Poetry is in the sobriety of the place as in that of the images, in their profoundly sacred nature, within the peace and calm of an atmosphere heavy with the lifeless presence of a vast theater of memory.
To lose oneself in these hieratic, timeless and sometimes labyrinthine places, leaves the intoxicating and disturbing taste of eternity.       [more... ]